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Name:Dave Karofsky
Birthdate:Apr 4
Location:Lima, Ohio, United States of America
Website:foundmywayout @

David Karofskyspent his early high school years as a typical arrogant jock. A member of both William McKinley High School's football and hockey teams, Dave was always full of bravado and apparent confidence, emphasised by the fact he was built like a brick shithouse and had the ability to push kids around. It was such an easy path to ending up one of the biggest school bullies because it was better to push people around than be the one being pushed, right? But just like any high school kid, Dave harboured many of his own insecurities and there was much more than met the eye in his choice of primary bully target, one Kurt Hummel.

Besides generally wreaking havoc around the school and marking his territory at every turn by shove kids around and tossing slushies in their face to look like a badass, Dave targeted Kurt Hummel with a vengeance and made his life hell. What Dave didn't realise was that his hate for Kurt was stemming from not only envy for him, but a desperate and deep-seated inner wish to be as confidence as the only gay out gay kid in the school at the time. Dave was gay, but very, very closeted and it seemed easier for him to take his frustrations out on Kurt on a daily basis to dangerous levels rather than face his own demons and issues.

It all came to a head when Kurt confronted Dave for his horrible ways one day in the locker room, and Dave responded by planted a rough and hate-filled kiss on Kurt's lips, stealing Kurt's first gay kiss from him and driving him away from the school to seek safehaven at Dalton Academy. When Kurt returned a few months later, with the strong-hand of Santana Lopez to keep his secret that she had discovered, Dave tried to make amends with Kurt but it was never going to be such an easy process. It all came to a head when Kurt was voted Prom Queen to Dave's Prom King in junior year, and fearing his secret was going to be revealed, Dave fled McKinley for a new school where he could stay firmly lodged in the closet.

The follow year, a chance encounter with Kurt in the gay bar, Scandals, leads Dave to admit to his ex-victim that he was trying to just get on with his life whilst exploring his sexuality in secret. His misguided respect for Kurt and respect for the kind forgiveness after everything that Kurt gave him ended up in Dave thinking he had feelings for Kurt, despite Kurt having a boyfriend. But it was only going to get worse for Dave, when his secret was spread through his new school and he found the tables turned, now the painful victim of homophobic bullying just like he had subjected Kurt to for months on end. But unlike Kurt, Dave couldn't handle the fear, and tried to take his own life.

But now, after being rescued by his dad, and Kurt once again extended the kindhearted and supportive hand of friendship to Dave is his hour of need, Dave is ready to turn a new leaf on his life... and all he wants is his own chance of happiness.

Find Dave's more in-depth canon profile at Wikipedia HERE.


Dave Karofsky is a canon character from the TV show, GLEE. This journal is for roleplay purposes only and is no way linked to Glee or Fox. For fun purposes only. Not Max Adler, who plays Dave. He belongs to himself.

"Here's to baby steps..."
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